If you're working hard to make a positive social impact, I want to help.

I work with organizations and individuals that address education, health care, sustainability, the arts and humanities, and those deprived of essential resources or services.  I am proud to have built my business around the missions of these culturally and socially based organizations.

Most of my clients reside in the non-profit sector, so I understand how tight budgets can be. I believe that supporting the mission of an organization I am passionate about is more important than money,  and if my skills can be of service to your organization, I want to be involved. Because of this, in many circumstances, I offer the flexibility to “pay what you can”.  Whether your organization is undergoing a rebranding campaign, in need of new headshots, events documented, or content for an annual brochure, you can be confident that I will provide you with professional photographs at a price you can afford.

(side note: Sometimes I do corporate gigs. Regular rates apply).

If you are interested in learning more, give me a call so we can discuss the scope of your project and devise a viable strategy to achieve your objectives. If you are not a phone person, send me an email and we can get the conversation started that way.  My information is on the contact page.

Below is a list of all the great people and organizations i've worked with:




Civic & Human Services

Arts & Culture

Foundations & Philanthropies

Science & Health